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Major things ESA Owners Need To Know About Indoor Dog Parks - 2022 Guide

When we get things online then this is a risk that we have to take. Getting an ESA letter traditionally is a hassle. So, if you wanna skip that and get one online, then you need to know all about ESA scams.

You cannot escape them, I’m afraid. If you are getting an emotional support animal letter online then there is a high chance that you will run into at least one scammer.

They will have a website set up for you and you will be convinced that they are legitimate. But they won’t be.

But before we dive into them, lemme tell you about how such pages fool you.

Ok, so what these fake websites want is to get your money. Simple. So, they set up a fake website and promise to deliver you your letter.

But they can’t do that because it's not easy to get this letter. An esa letter for housing or travelling can only be given to you by a licensed medical healthcare professional.

No one else is allowed to issue such letters but them.

So, What Do Legit Websites Do?

Authentic websites get you in touch with these licensed professionals.

They ask you for information and they pass it on to, let’s say, a therapist. So, if you want to keep an ESA dog, then you need to mention it along with the emotional problems that you are facing. Your application is forwarded to a professional.

Then, they will set up an interview with you.

Once the professional is CONVINCED that you NEED such a letter, you will easily get one.

Then What Do Fake Websites Do?

They give you fake letters.


They are not in touch with any professional. They just create a letter that looks like a real letter and hand it over to you. You think that you have the real thing but it's a fake.

So, What Do YOU Need to Do?

You need to be aware of these websites. Keep your walls up and read about it because I am about to tell you about the five BIGGEST red flags that exist online.

Look for these red flags and you will be just fine.

Red Flag #1: Dubious Websites

You can just TELL when a website is fake.

The website will just look like it's been cheaply made. You will be able to spot spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

You will notice that they seem to lag behind in the area of customer support. The website will also not be connected to a secured server. You need to look at the URL to spot this.

The URLs of secure websites begin with “https”. These small signs should help you spot a fake website.

Red Flag #2: Promises That Seem to be TOO Good

If it seems like it's way too good to be true, sorry to burst your bubble but then it is probably fake.

If a website is offering a letter for $10 if it says that you will get the letter INSTANTANEOUSLY,then it is bound to be fake.

This is simple because a legit website can’t meet such promises. ESA letters can’t be cheap because the website has to go to great lengths to get those letters personalised FOR YOU alone.

This is also why you can’t get the letter in 10 mins.

Red Flag #3: Errors in Sample

If that website does have customer support then the best thing you can do is ask for a sample letter.

This will give you the chance to study the letter and check if it is authentic.

A sample letter should include all the information about your emotional support animal letter, even their name. Yes. Also, it should include the date of letter issuance and expiration date.

These dates should be a year apart since that is how long one letter lasts.

Red Flag #4: Problems With Reviews

Always check the reviews of the websites you visit.

This is the BEST way to make sure that you find a legit website. The website can’t possibly filter these reviews.

So, if you find that a website has no reviews then run.

If you see that the reviews are problematic or that the customers are complaining way too much then you should avoid that website as well. Even good reviews can’t be trusted if they sound fake.

So, read these reviews very carefully, my friend.

Red Flag #5: Licensing Problems

Checking the license of the medical professional who will write you your letter is a good way to confirm that you are not being scammed.

You can get this information on the sample letter that you will be provided.

Get the license number and check its details online. Make sure that it is not expired. It would also be good if the medical professional is from your own state just to be on the safe side.

So, now you are well equipped.

Now that you have all the information you need, nothing can stop you from getting your emotional support animal letter.

So go ahead and delve into the realm of the internet.

Find the best website such as that you can so that your letter can be delivered to you as soon as possible.

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