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Writing a Book: First Chapter Mistakes

Lack of suspense and idea. And - lack of interest.

Also a common phenomenon. The hero from somewhere and somewhere is going, it is unclear why he is attacked, he fights back and wounded is laying at the forest witch, to go somewhere again. Where? For what purpose? What makes the hero so interesting, why should readers be watching him specifically? And are robbers or mercenaries attacking, because the hero is very much in someone's way? And who, after all, this witch, why she, young and beautiful, lives alone in the woods?

Writing a book: pay for college essay the mistakes of the first chaptersIf the beginning of your story is about this, and you can hardly imagine what happens next, what is the basis of intrigue, what is the idea, and your hero wanders through the world, like a hedgehog in the fog ... Then at least take away his memory and surround him with mysterious events! For example, he wanders along the road on foot, but dressed as an aristocrat, and a ring on his finger mysterious, and a birthmark on his cheek like a sign, and from the eyes in rage fire spurts 🙂 This will revive the beginning, and "reasoning" will become, and the reader's interest awakens. And act as a starter for the intrigue - who is the hero and why he lost his memory?

What to do?

Ask questions - the hero, the situation, the world around him. And answer in a very detailed and honest way. "And because I want/see so" - the approach of the dilettante and graphomaniac, who essays for sale is important to write, but it does not matter how logical and interesting the work will turn out.

Most importantly, don't be seriously sad about a bad textual beginning - stylistic difficulties. Write a draft, finish it completely, gain experience, and get a feel for the word. It's much easier to edit a sloppy text than it is to rewrite several chapters, adding missing important information about the plot and the character's motives.

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