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Diploma in Internetworking Technology

The Diploma in Internetworking Technology program introduces the foundations of internetworking and progresses through more complex designs by providing a knowledge base of Internet technology skills. Students will be presented with fundamentals of networking devices and routers, network management, design and customer requirements, and troubleshooting.

High-visibility news stories about hackers invading and destroying company databases and Web sites, and stealing confidential customer information, have brought the issue of network security into the limelight. Network professionals have always recognized the importance of, and difficulty in, managing a secure network. This diploma program answers the need for both hardware education and software expertise in this vital business area.

Web-savvy companies today are not simply utilizing an external Web site to establish a general awareness of and interest in their company; they’re establishing portals, building e-commerce sites and selling their wares on the Web. They are also developing extranets to better service key pay for papers customers and vendors, and creating intranets to foster employee communication and training. Graduates of the Web Development program will possess the design and development skills needed to implement and manage Web sites built for any purpose.

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